Isaac The Hooligan. 19 years young. Born and raised in Fullerton, California. Artistik Street Platoon Krew. Philosophical speech/Street style living/Voice for the people/Graffiti is an art/Hip Hop is found Underground/Life
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Many say I’m too picky because I almost refuse to listen to the “hip hop” of today even if it’s released by artists I do listen to. I can’t help it, Hip hop released in the 90’s was, is, and always will be the rawest, most outspoken,  and lively music ever released to the world in the hip hop culture. Some of the absolute greatest records of all time were released in the 90’s. From Onyx’s “Bacdafucup” to Wu Tang’s “36 Chambers” in ‘93. As well as Mobb Deep’s “Infamous” , Eminem’s “Infinite”, and Atmosphere’s “Overcast” also released in the 90’s. Hip hop only lives in very few upcoming artists of today. And those artists are most likely found freestyling with their people in small neighborhoods. Because hip hop is no longer the chosen music of today, and DO NOT say the music released on today’s radio stations are hip hop. God bless hip hop, and the 90’s!

"Hip hop ain’t dead, it’s just living underground"

Behind the branches

Do what you love, and love what you do

Taking a break on a hike to appreciate life


Forrest Gump

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One of my favorite scenes from Forrest Gump

Straight up

If that day ever comes

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Don’t walk a familiar path, create a new one

Even Super Heroes need a break